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Our client is in the process of implementing a Security Operations Centre which will provide remote live monitoring of CCTV security cameras, for security compliance purposes, of 45 stations across the EMEAA region.

The remote monitoring solution has been selected and terms agreed with a main vendor.

The dedicated SOC facility has been fitted out in Roissy, France and a Proof of Concept completed with connection to a single station in Dublin, Ireland.

Before connecting further stations, we are seeking to appoint a specialist Network Architect on a short-term contract assignment to carry out a technical due diligence exercise to confirm the network architecture is fit for purpose, the design is clearly documented and will satisfy the quality and performance expectations of the SOC solution, without adversely affecting other aspects of the IT infrastructure.

Assessment is to include (but not limited to):

- End to end connectivity of each proposed station to the SOC
- Reconfirm and validate bandwidth requirements for sites based on scale and functional needs of SOC and general site IT demands
- Quality of Service (QoS) requirements (site/local level)
- QoS requirements (External network level)
- QoS requirements (France CDG SOC HQ level)
- Compliance to IT security standards
- Impact / risk of SOC CCTV data traffic on performance of core infrastructure and applications and vice-versa at HQ and site level
- Network resilience and business continuity for SOC
- Network resilience and business continuity for remote sites
- Support model/arrangements to monitor end to end network performance and trouble-shooting

Key Deliverables

- “As-Is” assessment of current network design
- Network topology diagram – existing (as -is)
- Risk assessment
- Key findings and concerns
- Main areas for improvement
- Proposed solutions / options / recommendation
- Network topology diagram – proposed
- Gap analysis
- MUST do changes
- SHOULD do changes
- High level project plan / approach / dependencies
- Budgetary cost estimate (including resourcing} - Capex and OPEX
- Next steps
Technical Network Architect with experience in networked CCTV systems to work with the EMEAA ESOC project team to carry out an assessment of the existing proposed SOC network architecture and design, provide assurance and propose recommendations.
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