Pilotage Gestion de la Relation Client - CRM SAP


4 mois
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Accompagnement dans la montée en compétence des utilisateurs pilotes dans le cadre de la mise en place du CRM SAP.

Pilotage des plans d'action connexes.

Global project management activities :
- Manage the project on a “day to day “ basis (Monthly Steering committee, Weekly project committee, …)
- Promote, ensure the change management activities (training, coaching, ….) with end users and their management
- Get feedbacks about the tool and collect all the information for the preparation of the GO/NOGO decision of a global roll-out ( planned at the end of march)
- Write a guide with the key words of the application to facilitate common language and understanding through the organization
- Deliver communication (newsletter)
- Manage arbitration of functional evolution if needed
- Additional action plans :
Reporting stream:
- As a visual interface is going to be launched ( Microstrategy solution).
- Organize the UAT and validate the go live date
- Follow the roll-out, train end users with a strong focus on managers.
- Customer Database stream:
Manage the action plan
- Define with the support of IT and Business team additional criteria for data import in the CRM,
- Update and communicate the customer process creation including back and front office.
Product catalog stream:
- Manage the action plan
- Support G2SM and IT team to do the right choice to define the content and the optimal way to populated it in the CRM
- Support G2SM and IT team to monitor progress (Customer’s catalog content, product catalog in back office/front office solution,…)
- Coordinate actions and choices between Product Catalog in the CRM and regional web sites
SAP CRM synchronisation and customer network performance stream :
- Follow the action plan manage by the IT team
- Work closely with IT people to be sure that all the performance issues are managed
- 5 à 10 ans d'expérience dans la gestion de projet de transformation des forces de vente
- A l'aise dans l'utilisation de solution CRM et en particulier l'offre SAP
- Anglais courant obligatoire
Temps passé
Fin de l'AO 13/12/13